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Top quality chocolate from Valrhona Chocolates

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Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922 – even going as far as to open its own plantations. It’s a top-quality chocolate for a truly professional finish and is made from the finest cocoa beans with a top provenance from Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic.

Top quality chocolate from Valrhona Chocolates

You can easily buy Valrhona chocolate online. While it costs a little more, it tastes more intense than other chocolate and gives the best results.  I use it to create all of my chocolate concoctions from chocolate soufflés to chocolate spheres.  Why not try your hand at the latter using this recipe:

To find out more about my favourite cooking chocolate and to try it yourself go to

Chef’s tip: The best way is to get the most out of your chocolate is to heat it very slowly over a bain marie


Making Spaetzle with the French Chef at Home

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Spaetzle is a soft egg noodle originating in the Alsace region of France. The recipe calls for only 5 ingredients so is perfect for a quick and hearty meal. Pair it with leftovers in the cupboard from vegetables to a rich ragu sauce.

See below for my recipe to create your own French pasta and what the finished result should look like.



Spaetzle ingredients


You can purchase your very own Spaetzle maker at:

Spaetzle maker



  • 400g Flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 13cl/130g milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 50g butter


Mix together all the ingredients except for the butter in order to obtain a malleable dough. Boil some salted water in a saucepan. Pour the dough in a spaetzle maker and grate it over the boiling water. When the spaetzle rise to the surface of the water, drain them and cool them down in cold water. Then brown the spaetzle in a frying pan using the butter. Serve with your chosen sauce.