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Missing your favourite restaurants? Staying in is the new going out!

Why not bring the restaurant to your home, with our ready-to-eat main courses, prepared by our very own French Chef at Home, Yves Quemerais, with locally sourced produce from Minskip Farm Shop?

Each week, we offer two different main courses, prepared in individual sous-vide bags, perfect for reheating or freezing – to be collected in Staveley.

For collection on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th January 2021

● Soup of the week: Cream of asparagus soup with croutons (vegan option also available) ~ £5 per person

————— Main Courses —————

● Slow cooked and caramelised ham hock, ginger beer sauce ~ £10 per person

● Cod loin, chive sauce ~ £10 per person

● Vegetarian tartiflette (potatoes, Reblochon cheese, onions, white wine) (vegan option also available) ~ £10 per person

Each main course served with confit Puy lentils & carrots with cumin butter

Add a tarte Tatin for £3!

For collection on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd, and Sunday 24th January 2021

● Soup of the week: Tomato and basil soup with olive oil croutons (vegan option also available) ~ £5 per person

————— Main Courses —————

● Confit ox cheeks, red wine sauce ~ £10 per person

● Salmon filet, beurre blanc ~ £10 per person

● Vegetarian lasagna with Comté béchamel (vegan option also available) ~ £10 per person

Each main course served with a rösti (to be reheated in the oven) & green beans with parsley butter

Add a chocolate fondant with an orange centre for £3!

How it works?

No minimum order. Order by Wednesday evening.

Address of collection: Robin Garth, Main Street, Staveley HG5 9LD. We also offer free delivery in Staveley.

Day & time of collection: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2pm to 7pm.

Bank transfer is our preferred way of payment but we will also accept cash on collection.

To place an order, please email with your order details, name, day and approximate time of collection. We will confirm receipt of your order and forward our bank details.

Please make payment with your booking name as a reference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and/or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay safe!

Our Festive Menu 2018

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75 days until Christmas, how exciting! Check out our amazing Festive Menu crafted with the perfect produces for the Merry Season!

Embrace the coffee bean with International Coffee Day

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Embrace the coffee bean with an espresso and a petit four

If, like me, the only way to kick start your day is with a caffeine rush, you’ll be raising a cup to celebrate the fast approaching International Coffee Day (1 October).

While fresh pressed (AKA batch brewed) coffee is having a moment, for me a good strong espresso coffee made using my trusty Nespresso machine and Harrogate’s own Taylors coffee is an essential.

If taken after lunch or dinner, it’s the perfect excuse to accompany my espresso with a sweet petit four (café gourmand in French) – perhaps a madeleine, pistachio financier and truffle.

Embrace the coffee bean!

Did you know, coffee is actually made from the seeds of a berry and once dried they are known as ‘beans’. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Celebrate British Food Fortnight with my chard recipe

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Since arriving in Yorkshire, I’ve been delighted to find some interesting ingredients that aren’t generally known in France. One such is chard which makes a colourful alternative to spinach. Most French people don’t know this versatile vegetable at all. So in celebration of British Food Fortnight (22 September-7 October), I thought I would share my chard recipe with you.

With its large succulent green leaves and thick crunchy stems, Chard is similar to spinach but with a stronger flavour. It can be white (Swiss chard), red (ruby or rhubarb chard), yellow or a colourful mix of all three (rainbow chard).

We grow the latter in our garden, planting it in March for harvesting from July onwards. ‘Cut and come again’ cropping, enables you to pick right through the summer and autumn. It is high in vitamins, A, K and C and rich in minerals, dietary fibre and protein.

A versatile vegetable that can be boiled, steamed, stir fried or roasted, the leaf and stalks should be cooked separately. After washing, strip the leaves from the stems and cut crosswise as they take longer to cook than the greens.

Alternatively, baby leaves are delicious tossed into a mixed green leaf salad. Chard works well with cheese, dairy, pork and spices.

Chefs Tip – add a pinch of barcabonate of soda to blanching water to help the stems retain their vibrancy.

Risotto with rainbow chard and crispy parmesan

– 250g Arborio rice
– 100g butter
– 250ml white wine
– 500ml water
– 150g grated parmesan
– 1 onion
– Salt/pepper
– 3 tbs olive oil
– 1 bunch Swiss rainbow chard

Rinse the rice several times with cold water. Finely dice the onion. Separate the leaves from the stem on the chard and put the leaves aside. Take a tablespoon of butter and brown the chard stem – cooking them for a few minutes with a saucepan lid on. Repeat this process with the chard leaves.

In a saucepan, brown the onion with olive oil then add the rinsed and drained rice to the saucepan. Cook for a few minutes then add the white wine and cook until the rice has completely absorbed the wine. Add 250ml of water and repeat the absorption process. Repeat one last time with the remaining water. This process should take 17-18mns. Add 100g parmesan and the remaining butter.
Add salt and pepper.

In a non-stick pan, add the rest of the parmesan and cook to make parmesan crisps. Lay the risotto in a 10cm metal circle in the centre of a plate, place the chard stems on top and the leaves on the side. Add a parmesan crisp on top.