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Our Festive Menu 2018

October 10th, 2018 Posted by Blog, Events No Comment yet

75 days until Christmas, how exciting! Check out our amazing Festive Menu crafted with the perfect produces for the Merry Season!

Dining at The Club with the French Chef at Home

March 12th, 2018 Posted by Blog, Events No Comment yet

Yesterday saw the Harrogate institution that is The Harrogate Club welcome me into its kitchen as part of its exclusive Dinner and Wine series.

Established as a ‘public reading and news room’ for bankers, chemists, doctors of medicine, gentlemen of independent means and solicitors, the club has been at the centre of Harrogate’s club life for business and professional people since 1857.

The Club, Harrogate

I was invited by club director Andrew McMillan to create a delicious four course menu for members to enjoy. Using delicious Yorkshire produce I designed a menu that transported guests to a world of fine French cuisine. The menu was accompanied by matching wines chosen by Patrice Lipatti-Mesme, The Club sommelier with an unrivalled knowledge of wine.

You can see the menu I created below. For more information on The Harrogate Club go to


Green olive tapenade in a choux bun
Smoked salmon rillettes with dill on toast
King prawn with skewered confit lemon and cucumber

Wild mushroom velouté with roasted scallop and vegetable crisps
(Grande Passolo Chardonnay Rocca, Piemond, Italy)

Pork tenderloin poached in Calvados, roasted and caramelised apples, rosti
Halibut loin with crustaceous coulis, Provencal ratatouille, confit tomato, saffron potato
(Home of Erasmus Grenache, Swartland, South Africa)

Dessert trio
Dark chocolate half-sphere filled with strawberry and mint mousse
Valrhona Dulcey chocolate tarte with coffee jelly
Mojito glass: confit minted pineapple, Rum Chantilly, lime and coconut biscuit
(Sparkling Vouvray Brut, Domaine Toussaint, Loire Valley, France)

Popping up at Zinc Harrogate

March 2nd, 2018 Posted by Blog, Events No Comment yet

For my latest pop-up I partnered with fellow Parisian Olivier at Zinc in Harrogate. Thursday 1 March saw 22 hungry guests gather at the independently run café and wine bar on John Street.

Olivier, the owner of Zinc with a waitress

Olivier, the owner of Zinc with a waitress

As part of Zinc’s regular bistro evenings offering a taste of cuisines from around the world, I was invited to create a six-course menu including three canapés and a trio of desserts. Guests could buy wine provided by Zinc separately.

Pop-up at Zinc Harrogate

The venue is intimate, and the event proved a hit with diners with empty plates all round. Olivier and I will be offering another pop-up on Thursday 5 April, for more information head over to my Facebook page. You can see the menu that was on offer below.


Tapenade of green olive in a choux bun Smoked salmon rillettes on toast Roll of cured ham and cream cheese

Tapenade of green olive in a choux bun Smoked salmon rillettes on toast Roll of cured ham and cream cheese


Tapenade of green olive in a choux bun

Smoked salmon rillettes on toast

Roll of cured ham and cream cheese


Potato and Dijon mustard Velouté, crispy wild mushroom


Monkfish cheek and cider vol-au-vent, bacon, carrots and leeks


Duck cooked 2 ways: honeyed roasted breast and confit leg in red wine sauce, baby vegetables


Roasted goat cheese with spices on toast, lettuce



Half chocolate sphere filled with confit mango and passion fruit

Mojito glass: minted pineapple, rum Chantilly, lime and coconut biscuit

Milk chocolate, caramel and salted peanut tart

Creating the perfect loaf for Real Bread Week

February 23rd, 2018 Posted by Blog, Events, Recipes No Comment yet

Fig and Linseed BreadI was delighted to learn about Real Bread Week. This week is the annual celebration of local, independent bakeries and baking your own. Whether you’re looking to support one of the fantastic bakers in Yorkshire or want to develop a new skill and bake your own, Real Bread Week is the perfect opportunity.

To celebrate I thought I’d share my top tips for creating the perfect bread and even include a tasty recipe to try.

The history of bread stretches back over 30,000 years, making it one of the oldest prepared foods in the world. Types, shapes, sizes, and textures differ around the world due to the proportions of and types of flour used and the variety of other ingredients.

Baking is a fun activity that all the family can get involved in, so I hope that my bread recipe below will encourage even the most reluctant baker to have a go and keep the historic tradition of baking bread in the home alive.

Top tip no. 1: When mixing your ingredients keep the salt and yeast on opposite sides of the bowl as the salt can kill the yeast. Without yeast your bread won’t rise.

Top tip no. 2: For a lovely crunchy crust, add a light coating of semolina to your dough.

Top tip no. 3: The slower the rise, the better the flavour of your bread so don’t worry about putting your rising dough in an airing cupboard. If the dough rises too fast this can affect the end result.

Fig and linseed breadBread ingredients


  • 500g plain flour
  • 20g fresh yeast
  • 50g linseed
  • 300ml water
  • 8g salt
  • 100g dried figs


Bread ready to bake

Dice the figs.

Mix all the ingredients in the bread maker and choose the ‘dough’ program.

Once the dough is mixed, knead it to knock the gas out and put it in a bread mould.

Leave it to rise for 1:30/2h approx.

Bake for 30mns at 220 degrees.