Celebrating Real Bread Week – the French way

May 20th, 2016 Posted by In the Press No Comment yet

Few things call out more for scratch and sniff technology/smellivision than freshly baked bread!

This week we are celebrating Real Bread Week  (14-22 May) by sharing with you how to create the perfect traditional French sandwich – the Jambon Beurre.

There really is nothing better than freshly baked bread. Yves regularly bakes bread at home. Our favourite is of course the baguette; Yves has two baguette moulds which create the perfect base for the Jambon Beurre – simply a ham and butter sandwich.

Just slice your crusty bread in half horizontally, butter lavishly with salted butter and add thickly sliced cuts of York ham and cheese, mustard or cornichons, pickled French gherkins, as required.

Simple food, prepared using top quality ingredients. Enjoy at your leisure with a glass of beer/wine – à votre santé.

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