Chocolate Week: Choosing the best chocolate

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This week, 10-16 October marks National Chocolate Week. We love chocolate and we love using chocolate in our recipes. Who doesn’t love a chocolate dessert to finish a meal?

The perfect chocolate dessert deserves the perfect chocolate, so below are our recommendations for which chocolate is best for which recipe.

Chocolate melting ball

50% cocoa. Neutral taste
Yves creates his delicious Mascarpone cream filled chocolate spheres using 50% cocoa chocolate. The spheres and the chocolate decoration should not be the focus of the dish so a subtle flavoured chocolate is needed. You can find the recipe here.

Chocolate soufflé with strawberry coulis

66% cocoa. Bitter taste
Yves will use a bitter chocolate for chocolate fondant, chocolate patissière and chocolate ice cream. Chocolate is the main element of these dishes so the taste needs to be powerful. You can find the recipe for our Chocolate soufflé with strawberry coulis here.


Up to 75% cocoa. Very strong cocoa taste
A chocolate with a high cocoa content and low sugar offers a strong taste perfect for a chocolate ganache filling for macaroons. The strong chocolate will create a perfect balance with the sweet macaroon shells.

Milk chocolate
Milk chocolate is used best when making chocolate panacotta and chocolate crème brulée. The best milk chocolate contains between 35% and 40% of cocoa.

White chocolate
Yves enjoys using white chocolate to add a twist to Chantilly cream and for decorating and glazing.
When choosing a white chocolate, look for one containing between 35% and 40% of cocoa butter.

There are plenty of chocolate based recipes on our blog for you to enjoy here if you would rather we came to your home and cooked it for you, please get in touch.

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