Embrace the coffee bean with International Coffee Day

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Embrace the coffee bean with an espresso and a petit four

If, like me, the only way to kick start your day is with a caffeine rush, you’ll be raising a cup to celebrate the fast approaching International Coffee Day (1 October).

While fresh pressed (AKA batch brewed) coffee is having a moment, for me a good strong espresso coffee made using my trusty Nespresso machine and Harrogate’s own Taylors coffee is an essential.

If taken after lunch or dinner, it’s the perfect excuse to accompany my espresso with a sweet petit four (café gourmand in French) – perhaps a madeleine, pistachio financier and truffle.

Embrace the coffee bean!

Did you know, coffee is actually made from the seeds of a berry and once dried they are known as ‘beans’. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

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